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Roof Cleaning

Getting your shingles cleaned can extend the life of a new roof. The black streaks that you see on your roof is algae. The algae will consume the limestone in the shingles, greatly reducing their effectiveness in protecting your home. Additionally, as the algae continues to grow, the roof becomes less reflective which in turn will increase your cooling costs in the summer months.

The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Shingles

  • Never use pressure to clean a roof. A pressure washer will damage your shingles. With the right eco-friendly cleaning solution, low pressure will take care of removing the algae from the roof.  
  • Bleach will kill algae but it should not be used. Bleach is a pollutant and is corrosive. J&J only utilizes biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning solutions. 
  • Roofs can be slippery when wet and especially when using cleaning solutions. J&J has all the necessary equipment and has experience in washing roofs safely. 


Insurance Companies are taking the growing algae issue seriously. Your insurance agency could potentially cancel your policy.