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I just saw my roof...Your company kicks a**. I will tell all my neighbors about you because we all have the same roof issues and they all need cleaning. Thank you very much.

- Customer Dennis Jacobs

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Are black streaks caking your roof and ruining your home’s appeal? Never fear, J&J Power Washing is here.

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Decks and Wood

One of the most popular power washing services we can offer is deck cleaning – and rightfully so. Regular power washing can prevent wood rot and add untold years to your deck’s lifespan.

As sunlight, grime and sediments take their toll on your deck, it can develop a worn, faded look. One of the safest ways to protect it is to stain and seal it – but after even minor exposure, you should consider getting your deck power washed before applying stains and sealants.

Without a proper cleaning, even stained decks can retain a worn look, and sealants can trap already dangerous elements in the wood.

Fortunately, J&J Power Washing has just what you need to restore your deck. Our advanced pressure washers have endless settings, ensuring that our team will be able to apply just the right amount of pressure that your deck needs. Wood that’s already worn can suffer severe damage from too much pressure – but J&J has the experience necessary to handle even the grimiest or fragile of decks.

For some examples of our previous wood-work, be sure to check out our gallery. You’ll get a firsthand look at just how much of a difference one quick power washing can do to save your deck.

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