Hire Power Washing Services or Rent a Pressure Washer?

Do you want to clean your home from stains, mold, mildew and dirt that leave it looking old and wash down? Is your driveway or patio strewn with in-ground dirt that is difficult to clean? Are you planning to clean your deck or concrete space near your home? If so, you might be considering getting the services of a power washing company.

Renting Equipment vs. Hiring the Services of the Company

If you are renting a power washer, make sure that you know how to operate the machine. The machine can be dangerous if you do not know how to operate it. A pressure washer provides a very powerful stream of water that can be dangerous and can cause injury if it accidentally hits the eyes or the skin.

Another problem with renting equipment is the danger of not getting a fully functional unit. There is a risk that what you are renting provides less powerful stream of water than expected. This would be a waste of your money as you end up paying the same rental price for a unit that is less productive. You might end up with a less than satisfying result or a job that is not completed at all.

Hiring a power washing company on the other hand frees you with the burden to operate the equipment properly. It frees you from liabilities brought about by damaged equipment. It also saves you time and effort since power washing technicians will do the job for you. All you have to do is to sit back, relax and pay for the cost of service.

How Much Does a Power Washing Service Cost

Depending on the type of material and area to be cleaned, power washing can cost between 10 and 80 cents per square foot. For instance, a 2,000 square foot home costs between $200 and $1,600 for the exteriors to be cleaned. Apart from the fee, make sure to ask the company first about insurance, licensure, bonding, references and estimates. Take time to get to know the company first before getting their services.

Hire a Power Washing Company in Delaware

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The Difference between Power Washing and Pressure Washing

Power washing and pressure washing have been used interchangeably throughout the years. Many people thought the other was just another term for the other one. Although technically uses the same mechanism of high pressured water, there is a small difference between the two.

Power Washing

Power washing uses a steady stream of high-pressured hot water. A thermostat can gauge the temperature of the water that is coming out of the nozzle. Due to the water’s high temperature, it can effectively remove hardened bubble gums and other hard-to-remove debris from concrete pavements, decks and driveways. It can also kill mold, mildew, moss and small weeds. Power washing is an effective and time efficient way of washing house and building exteriors, roofs, and facades to kill or remove grime and stains.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, on the other hand, uses high-pressured water in normal temperature. Pressure washing is more suited for removing debris and bigger particles. Pressure washing is more suited for masonry cleaning such as cinder block, brick and concrete construction. It is a very easy solution for those looking to clean their home or commercial space in a quick way.

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