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NEW Service! Gutter Edge

Introducing NEW to 2014, Gutter Edge!  

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Thank you for a very well done job. You may use me for a very positive reference any time.

-Customer Beatrice K. Sager

Special Services

Are black streaks caking your roof and ruining your home’s appeal? Never fear, J&J Power Washing is here.

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Our Power Washing Fleet

If you call upon the J&J Power Washing team, we’ll deliver the finest and most customer friendly power washing experience you can find.

In service since 1996, the J&J Fleet is a regular sight around southern Delaware. With one phone call, you could have a J&J truck on its way to size up your power washing needs. We’re always happy to discuss options and provide estimates, and we’ll happily share our power washing knowledge with you in order to ensure that your property gets exactly the kind of cleaning it needs.

Each of our teams is equipped with some of the finest power washing equipment the field can offer – from state-of-the-art machines to custom chemical blends that are 100 percent environmentally safe.

With more than a decade of experience and countless projects under our belt, J&J Power Washing is the company you want in charge of your next power washing project. We pledge to deliver unparalleled quality and service – all for affordable, customer friendly rates.

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